Rpi2 and Win10 IoT Hello World test

The “Hello World” of the embedded and micro controller world seems to be the
blinking LED. Finally got around installing Win10 IoT on a RaspberryPi2 and
deploy some code. All works fine.

The extensive and complex wiringIMAG00220
The extremely detailed GUI for headed mode

Ardukeyer board progress

After I botched the build of the K3NG based keyer for my TS-940S using perfboard,
I decided to do it right (and better looking) and make a real PCB.


In the process I had to learn Eagle and also of course get to play with nasty chemicals.
For this board I used the photo resist method as the toner transfer method I used for
previous boards didn’t yield the results I was after.
All that’s left now is drilling and soldering …


Made the board for the K5TRI Ardukeyer based on K3NG’s code so that
I can use paddles with the TS-940S.


I used Eagle for the schematics and PCB layout and then transparencies
printed in the laser printer and heat to get the layout onto the board. Some
time bathing in Ferrite-Chloride Acid does the rest.

Cheap paddle switch

So with the arrival of a new rig for SO2R operation (TS-590SG) the need arose for switching
keys between radios. There are expensive ways, and there’s the ham way. Total cost less than
$8 including parts from the junk box. These old PC switches are still of good use.



NAQP RTTY June 2015 in the books

And another NAQP RTTY is in the books. This time was a first for me operating SO2R. Lots to learn,
and lots learned already. Here are some stats again as it is so much fun to geek out over that with N1MM+.


NA QSO RTTY – 2015-07-18 1800Z to 2015-07-19 0600Z – 227 QSOs
K5TRI Max Rates:

2015-07-18 2332Z – 3.0 per minute  (1 minute(s)), 180 per hour by K5TRI
2015-07-19 0257Z – 1.2 per minute  (10 minute(s)), 72 per hour by K5TRI
2015-07-19 0314Z – 0.7 per minute  (60 minute(s)), 44 per hour by K5TRI

NA QSO RTTY – 2015-07-18 1800Z to 2015-07-19 0600Z – 227 QSOs
K5TRI – Off Times >= 30 Minutes

2015-07-18 1800Z – 2015-07-18 1809Z     00:10  (10 mins)   (Start late)
2015-07-19 0027Z – 2015-07-19 0147Z     01:21  (81 mins)
2015-07-19 0359Z – 2015-07-19 0559Z     02:00  (120 mins)   (End early)

Total Time Off 03:31  (211 mins)
Total Time On 08:29  (509 mins)

Split between bands and radios

Conditions were not so great this time, so interesting to see which band netted the most contacts.

And a more interesting view on times and propagation to various areas of the country.

All in all, lots of fun. Now more refining of the station for SO2R operation.

Let there be audio

Quick hack with an LM-386 for an audio amplifier I needed for one
of our rooms.

From this:

Then this:

And finally found an enclosure:

Signals looked nice and clean on the scope and sound is sufficient for it’s